My name is Monique.


Welcome to my blog!


I am a first year University student doing a degree in Communications! I am a Dancer and Actor who loves to have a good time.


I love summer and the beach.


When I have spare time (which is hard to find these days) I enjoy catching up with friends and sleeping.


Which is great because I love to talk!!


I have lots I want to tell you about and this blurb will give you and insight into what I have to say.




So this is my first blog (so bare with me) and this blog is an assignment I have to complete for my first year Journalism subjects for university.


As part of our assignment we are asked to write/blog about one of the aspect of University life here on campus.

As everyone knows people go to University to study hard but socialize even harder, so for that reason I want my blog to represent and inform new and current students about the different events which are happening at my University. In my blog I would like to cover a range of events such as performances, festivals, cultural events and educational events. I aim to not only cover the big one off events but also write some stories about the events that run regularly for example like Market alley or Monday games. Also the my university is very privileged to be able to host a variety of acts such as Birds of Tokyo and Josh Pyke, so if I am lucky enough hopefully I can attend some of these nights and interview the acts! Also I believe that social events are an important part of University life especially for new students as it can be a great way to meeting and making friends and this can be a vital part of ones Uni experience.

So this blog is all about keeping you informed on what goes on at my campus!

Also if your considering what Uni to go to this blog might help you choose!


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