Sense your senses because it just makes sense.

I have to start this blog off by saying that I am left feeling emotional and speechless after having just finished watching Bear 71.

(Image below created by me on SPRUCE)

spruce-image (1).png

I love documentaries. I love sitting down on a Sunday afternoon and watching whatever SBS has on offer. I love that documentaries provide me with a way to learn about things through an entertaining way. But today when I watch the trailer provided on moodle and watched/interacted with the full version of Bear 71 I was left absolutely speechless. I often come away from watching a documentary feeling more educated on a particular topic but never in my life have I felt the way I did after engaging with Bear 72. Not only did I feel educated but I felt immersed in the topic/issue. New technology is now taping into our senses to allow the audience to gain a deeper understanding of worlds and circumstances that are far from our own.

I actually couldn’t complete the trailer of Leviathan because of the physical reaction I had to the way the events were documented. The trailer actually incited  feelings of fear and helplessness to the danger of the rugged and wild nature of their work. The new way of creating documentaries that awaken the senses I feel will revolutionize the way an audience watches documentaries. After watching a doco an audience member tends to walk away from it with a few newly learnt facts but with new age technology allowing the documentary to attack the senses audience member will walk away with an EXPERIENCE.

I feel that this experience will make all the difference! For example after watching Bear 71 I felt a sense of empathy and urgency to do something about this issue. The problem with our generation is we can easily fall into the trap of being by standers of social and political issues due to being desensitized from the media. But this new way of documenting event/issues has the potentially to leave audience members with a strong sense to help and not be a bystander.



Below is a screen shot of my journey through Bear 71

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 4.17.28 pm.png




Murphie, Andrew (2014) ‘Making sense: the transformation of documentary by digital and networked media’, Studies in Documentary Film, 8(3): 188-204

Jeremy Mendes and Leanne Allison’s (2012) Bear 71 at <> from Canada’s National Film Board (which has a wonderful collection of online resources, films etc at <>)




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