Back at it again

Blog One Week Two

Another semester at University and thus another assignment involving blogs.

From this point forward I will be blogging about my findings from the readings, lectures and tutorials undertaken for ARTS3091.

Again I find myself catapulted into a ton of vague readings that leave me dazed and confused. Throughout the semester hopefully the haze of vagueness will clear and I will begin to wrestle with and come to understand the content of this subject.

This week, like most weeks of reading media based readings, I am left overwhelmed at the overpowering nature of media and technology. Even as part of the ‘tech savvy’ generation I find myself questioning how well I know and understand the differing types of media I come into contact with on a daily basis.

I completely agree with Kittler when he states, “The development of the internet has more to do with human beings becoming a reflection of their technologies,” he once argued. “After all, it is we who adapt to the machine. The machine does not adapt to us.” (‘Friedrich Kittler and the rise of the machine’, The Guardian, December 28).

The analogy of Nessie also portrays a strong warning message that as media students we should pay attention media effects on ourselves and surrounding communities.Just as Von Uexkull studied animals we should stay alert and continuingly be studying our own media habits.

Judge, Jenny and Powles, Julia’s article in the Guardian prompted me to think about how these issues are already threatening our way of life. What jumps to front of mind is the current battle between Apple and FBI about encryption. As the debate heats up around the impending court case it’s easy to see why both sides hold such strong opinions. The fears over this court case I feel are derived from our overdependence on our mobile phone devices and how much information with naively trust will stay private on our device.










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