When publishing changes, so does society. Investigate and compare the impact of two publication technologies, one pre-1900 and one post-2000, on a specific aspect of society (e.g. education, politics, creative industries, science, entertainment, social relationships).


Executed in the form of a video essay / sound piece via Youtube.


This presentation will focus on love letter writing in the early 18th century and how love letters were a form of publishing that was used for courting and dating. I will then move on to talk about online dating and how dating profiles provide a post 2000’s form of publishing that is also used for dating. I will expose how these two varying forms of publishing have had an impact on social relationships within society. By delving into some of the negative and positive impacts that they have had on society we will discern whether this shift in publishing has enhanced or diminished dating. Or if these changes are merely shifts in the way society goes about dating. Through the use of online dating profiles and love letter we see the changing of cultural practices as their follow these publishing/ technological advancements. I will expose how both love letters and people’s dating profiles adhere to forms of social constructs and how this reflects the society in which they are derived from. Through the framework of Foucault’s idea of Identity I discuss the tension that users and writers alike suffer from when choosing how to represent themselves either on paper or on their online profile. Foucault sees ‘self’ as a continuing discourse in the shifting of oneself to others in communication. Also discussed in this presentation are the differing social barriers each form of publishing either uphold or break down. Again Foucault’s theory on sexuality and self is discussed in regards to the way online dating has enabled the removal of social constructs allowing users to explore and express their self and their sexualities.

I chose this question because as media consumers and media students we should always be questioning and researching the ways in which technological advancements, such as shifts in publishing, are having in impact on the world around us today. The reason I choose to present this topic in the form I did is because I wanted to explore alternative forms of publishing that strayed from the traditional form of text publishing. Also since this question asks us to use a post-2000’s publication technology I also saw it appropriate and fitting to use YouTube.

Throughout this subject I used the publishing technique of writing and blogging but have not used YouTube or Vlogs so for this reason I thought this assignment would be the perfect time to research the way in which both these publishing techniques work.


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