From engraving onto tablets to typing on them. Publishing in the 21st Century.

Today my eyes were opened to the world of publishing, in particular the many steps it takes to publish a book.

When one sits down with a cup of coffee on a cold winters day and flips open the pages of their recent romance novel or latest vampire series, you don’t stop to think about the extensive process that the book has gone through to be transformed from the raw handwriting of an author to a fully formed paper back book!

This got me thinking about how the advances in technologies such as the Internet must be having huge implications on publishing, in particular the publishing of books. Are these implications positive or negative?

In 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica derided Publishing as a “Purely commercial affair” implying that it cared more about profits than about literary quality. Does this mean that with the influx of blogs and eBooks as well as the convenience for more self-published authors that as a reader we are now introduced to a higher quality of literacy? Are we introduced to wider varieties of writing that once upon a time wouldn’t have made it past the cut throat selection process and into our hands? Or does this mean that as a society we are now introduced to publishing that is of poorer quality because they have not passed through the many hands that work in the publishing houses such as the proof readers?


As I delve further into the study of Publics and Publishing it will be interesting to find out more about the changing  Media environment and its affects on Publishing.


Stay tuned for more blogs as I continue to study publishing and its publics.


Image by James Strock

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