*Award Winners* Photo By Josh Brightman

Cocktails flowed and canapés were consumed as students enjoyed being awarded for their outstanding achievements with over 73 awards being received.

The Centre for student engagement enjoyed their awards night with over 140 people attending the cocktail themed event on Friday the 21st.

The CSE awards night is organized to help celebrate the students in Clubs & Societies, UniCrew and Leadership Programs.

Event organizer were thrilled at the large amount of staff from the University of Wollongong participating in this years festivities.

Students who volunteered their time for Unicrew this year were pleasantly surprised when they each received a certificate acknowledging their contributions.

While some of the bigger, more prestigious awards being fought over on the night were awards such as; Club of the year; Club person of the year; and Newcomer club of the year.

Manager of the CSE and MC on the night Andrea Kornhoff said the night was a huge success with a rise in attendance.

Andrea spoke of how all students were invited to attend the event and how it’s a great chance for new students to get an understanding of how rewarding involvement in these programs are.

“It’s a great opportunity to talk to the students who have been highly involved in the past year and learn about the different ways you can get involved yourself” said Andrea.

Apart from eating, dancing and receiving awards students were also privileged to have a guess speaker on the night.

For the first time the CSE awards night was delighted to have an official speaker, Academic Registrar from the University of Wollongong Mrs Megan Huisman.

Mrs Huisam presented the awards to students and gave an inspiring speech on how volunteering your time and being part of a community can give you a more fulfilling university experience.



Some of the winners on the night were as follows:

Clubs of the Year: SHARP (Student Health Alliance for Rural Populations)

Campus Engagement Award: SHARP

Club Person of the Year: Andrew McCullough (Civil Engineering Society)

Service Club of the Year: WUHOW (Wollongong Uni Health Over Welfare)

Newcomer Club of the Year: PINC (Professional Industry Networking Club)


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