Weekly games help students find life long friends

The transition from high school to University can be a daunting experience for some students, but the Centre for student engagement

Members of the Centre for student engagement team

is aiming to make this transition more comfortable one event at a time.

There is an average of 26,008 students enrolling into Wollonong University each year with over half of these students enrolling straight from high school which is why making these students feel welcome is highly important to the CSE.

When asked why students should get involved in the events held by CSE, volunteer coordinator Nicole Atikens spoke of how she believes that weekly events are a great way to meet people and get more out of the uni experience.

“I definitely believe that there is more to uni than classes and these events and activities allow students to get involved and really feel a part of a community” Said Nicole.

The Centre for student engagment are an organization known for organizing some of the bigger events held around campus, but they also invest time into hosting some weekly events.

Students who enjoy testing their ability to recall random facts and information can indulge in a weekly game of trivia held at the Unibar every Wednesday night at 5:30.

Also gamers are given an opportunity to show off their skills in the weekly Xbox and Wii competitions held every Tuesday night in the new games room in building 11.

Not only are these weekly events a great way to meet like-minded people, there are also some great prizes to be won.

Students can find themselves competing for Unibar drink vouchers, Unishop vouchers as well as tickets to the copious amount of gigs held at the Unibar.

The Centre for student engagement is doing a great job at welcoming new students to the Wollongong campus and will continue working hard to create opportunities for people to make friends, which is an essential part of the University experience.


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