The book that changed everything!



This September the University of Wollongong plays host to some of the oldest bibles in the world in celebration of the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible.

Students from the University of Wollongong will from the first of September to the 28th be privileged enough to share in the experience of some of the rare biblical artifacts alongside members of the public.

The exhibition appropriately named “The book that changed the world” is run by the Bible Society Australia and has been touring Australia since April this year.

The exhibition has already impressed the likes of politicians such as leader of the National party Warren Truss, Liberal party member Kevin Andrews and Labor senator Ursula Stephens at the opening in Parliament House on the Sixth of May.

This exhibition has strong cultural significance for all visitors, regardless of religion, due to its influence on our language and culture.

When visiting the 400 year old King James bible you will realize it’s significance when you learn that it is the source of nearly three times as many English expressions than Shakespeare, including ”a broken heart”, ”a labour of love” and ”at his wits’ end’’.

Promotions and Partnerships Coordinator of U.O.W library Aisle Lynch explains that the exhibition is interesting on many levels as each bible has a story to tell whether the bible was owned by William Shakespeare or Governor Macquarie.

“The 400 year old King James bible was the first bible that any literate person could read and has had an incalculable effect on culture in the English-speaking world” explains Aisle.

The exhibition will be held in U.O.W’s library and has more then 22 bibles on show dating back to 1495.

If you’re part of the technology era and not purely entertained by history then you can always download the “The book that changed the world “ iphone app for a virtual tour of the exhibition.


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